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Gay Southern Maryland's Journal
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Thursday, February 9th, 2012
1:40 pm
Waldorf gamers
There's a new gaming Meetup group based in Waldorf:


It looks like they're into all kinds of gaming - video, card, board, MMO, whatever.
Wednesday, September 16th, 2009
10:36 am
Attention gamers!

There is a new group starting through Meetup.com to connect to play board games. Please reply here and I'll give you the info!
Thursday, May 21st, 2009
8:14 pm
Book Survey

 These are the main questions I would like feedback on, email me your answers with the following information please. Age, state and first name only, and also whether you give me permission to publish this in a book. My email is SocietalDisgrace@gmail.com.

Gay Rights

1)      How do you feel when you hear the word gay, what imagery does it bring about?

2)      Do you feel gay people should be denied the same rights as straights and why?

3)      What harm would a gay couple cause to this society?

4)      Could there be a compromise, same rights different name would that be acceptable?

5)      How did you find out about gay people?

6)      Was there an influence as to how you think about gay people?

7)      Do you believe homosexuality should be taught in school and if you do how should it be taught in what way would you present it, good or bad?

8)      Do you believe lesbianism is equal or not as bad a gay men?

9)      Do you believe there is such a thing as bisexual people?

10)   Can a person be homosexual and still be religious?

11)   Why should gays not be allowed to serve openly in the military?

12)   Why is it more acceptable for women to be bisexual than men?

13)   How would you react if a really good friend came out to you?

14)   What if they were of the same gender?

15)   What if your child came out to you?

16)   How do you feel about other countries that execute people based on their sexuality?

17)   Do you believe homosexuality is a choice?

18)   Do you believe it can be cured?

Religion and society

1)      Should religion be allowed to influence those who do not wish to practice it?

2)      With the majority of people being of some religion how can it be fair for minorities who are looked down upon by religion to gain equal rights?

3)      How much does religion influence your life?

4)      Can you make a decision without thinking of how your faith will view it?

5)      Do you believe any one religion is superior to another?

6)      Why do so many people put blind faith into a deity that may not exist?

7)      Shouldn’t there be a separation of church and state if not all of the people represented practice religion?

8)      With that being asked why do we swear our presidents in on a bible?

9)      Why do we have in “god we trust” on our money?

10)   Will we ever have a president who does not believe in religion?

11)   Is a religion the same as a cult?

12)   Why do some people who practice religion feel the need to force it upon others?

13)   Is religion justified in trying to suppress those who do not agree with their doctrines?

14)   Why are there wars fought in the name of religion?

15)   How can the African American community justify denying the rights of another minority (gays) because of religion?

16)   Would you call it hypocrisy that the Mormon Church helped pass a proposition that made marriage defined as between one man and one woman when in their doctrine it used to be ok for a man to have many wives?

17)   People complain that we have taken religion out of public schools isn’t that why we have Christian and Catholic schools?

18)   Should politicians let their faith influence their work?

19)   Do you think they give equal weight to everyone even those who do not practice faith?

20)   Should the church be tax exempt?

21)   Shouldn’t the bible or any other religious text maybe be updated to fit with the modern times?

22)   Why does religious programming have to dominate all of Sunday television?

23)   Do you feel that pagans or wiccans would be given the same chance to have a show?

24)   Shouldn’t freedom of religion also mean no religion?

25)   Should children be allowed to choose their own religion when they are old enough to make a choice?

26)   Do you believe taking children to church is influencing how they decide which one to follow?

Misc questions

1)      Do you think it is right parents are being locked up for naked baby pictures, picture of baths and changing of daipers?

2)      Does a naked child automatically make it child pornography?

3)      Is there a difference in artistic nudity and pornography, or does nudity make it pornographic?

4)      What about naturist families, should they have to cover up for pictures?

5)      What if a 15 year old took pictures of their own self would that be considered child pornography, if you think it does constitute it why?

6)      Corporal punishment should it be reinstated?

7)      Should parents be able to give principles the ability to discipline their children with spankings?

8)      Do you think there is anything wrong with being a naturist?
Wednesday, October 1st, 2008
3:33 pm
Monthly "First Friday" SoMD LGBT community pot luck starts this week!

Friday, October 3, 2008
Gather at 6:00 PM

Share the word and invite others in our community!

12220 HG Trueman Road, Lusby, MD 20657

At the Southeast corner of HG Truman and the new "Southern
Connector Blvd" traffic circle (Friends Meetinghouse). For information
contact Karis63@mac.com

Bring a dish to pass! Beverages and table settings will be provided!
Please respect that there is no alcohol or smoking allowed on the
meetinghouse grounds.

Campfire and marshmallow roast after dinner (weather permitting)
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